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About me... 



Amy C. Taylor

I never know what to write about myself- I am often told I'm peculiar, stubborn, intelligent, and witty. I know I am a lover of books and good conversation, coffee and all food, flying high and laying low. I fall in love with vulnerability, tenderness, with passion and those dark places people go to hide themselves away when life gets heavy. 

 I will be finishing my degree this year in psychology, law enforcement and Russian. It is my ardent hope that my adventures will inspire especially my children. I wish not only to tell them that they can chase their dreams, but to lead by example. I want to teach them to go hard after what matters to them; to identify the real obstacle and conquer it. I don't want passion to exist only in the books written by other people who dared to chase it- I want to show them that being their own hero is a reality within them as well. 

 I have wanted to combine my writing and my adventurous spirit for a while now- my need for healing and my drive for a challenge aside, I'm ready to embrace the woman that emerges through the willingness to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. And, I am ready to write about it... because all I have ever been is flesh, blood, and my own story. Being able to share it has become sort of a shield- a way to transform pain into something beautiful. So, I sincerely hope you find something worth while as you walk with me through this and I ask that you consider giving toward the cause I have chosen to represent. 

Use the contact tab- or find me on social media- to ask me anything or offer your encouragement!

xx, Amy